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A project born out of a friend's intermission between grad school and a "real" job and an excuse to hang out virtually. The goal was to create a crash course in making a web app that requires very little JavaScript background. It ended up being a series of nine videos, which goes through setting up a development environment from scratch, creating a front end with Create React App, a backend with ExpressJS, and finally deploying the (very) basic app to Heroku.


The actual website we created to serve up the content sits at


The website portion was spun up with GatsbyJS and hosted on Gatsby Cloud. The content is created in Contentful and it uses GraphQL for fetching. It uses good ol' fashioned css variables to manage light and dark mode, which can be surprisingly tricky when dealing with statically rendered pages!


As a supplement, we published each video as a separate release on the Github page, with the goal being for people to be able to clone the releases and follow along with the video(s).

YouTube Channel

Along with the website we posted all our tutorials to YouTube. The videos were created using a combination of screen recording using Camtasia and VSCode Live Share (which is pretty neat if you haven't tried it).

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