Code & Stuff

A list of applications and coding projects that have a varying degree of usefulness and/or completeness.


A meal planning web app where you can paste a link to a recipe and it crawls the page and extracts ingredients, directions, and other metadata.

Personal Website

Personal website that includes a short CV, coding projects, illustrations, and other things.


A simple vanilla JS utility to apply arbitrary CSS to highlighted text on a page.

Scheme UI

A basic React UI framework that uses RebassJS and is set up to easily integrate light and dark mode (or other themes) to an app.

Cities App

An app that uses public US government APIs to pull various pieces of data about cities in the US.


A web development blog with Markdown-based articles and accompanying YouTube videos.


A Magic: The Gathering deck builder and card collection organizer.

Mealwrm Mobile

A mobile app port of the Mealwrm web app built with React Native, available on iOS via the App Store.

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