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Mealwrm is a meal planning app that my partner and I use religiously, every single week (Sunday, in fact). There are a million different food bloggers out there, and sometimes you want a recipe from one blog and another recipe from a different blog. With Mealwrm, you pop in the URL to the blog and Mealwrm scrapes the ingredients and instructions from the page, and adds them to a weekly shopping list. That way you can collate multiple recipe ingredients into a single shopping list for easy and seamless grocery outings.

Mealwrm was originally built with ExpressJS and good ol' fashioned Create React App. The backend (and some frontend) was later refactored to NextJS and deployed via Vercel. Thanks to Nx, It also now sits alongside the mobile app in a monorepo.


  • React

  • NextJS

  • MongoDB


  • NextJS - bootstrapper for React apps

  • Nx - Monorepo

  • Typescript

  • RebassJS - low-level wrapper that uses styled-system

  • PusherJS - syncing checked items in realtime

  • Algolia - search indexing

T. 2023